Artist Statement

I paint as a response to my senses. I hear, I feel, I  smell , I taste, I see the hidden that needs to be revealed. I think that maybe it’s my own sixth sense.To make marks where there were none in evidence. An undetachable connection to the natural world inside and out.Within my mind’s eye or beyond to the atmospherics. A sensitivity to the untouchables of life, the less obvious. I thrill at the breath revealed on an icy cold day as it suddenly appears  before me.The reflections or shadows of objects which change over time or the pictures inside closed eyes. I love the morning chorus at dawn, the splash on a lake with its mystery below….the fog lifting from the trees.

Then to scribe marks on paper with a stick and make them appear like magic.

To not know is so good. Just to let it happen is best.To bring out the unexpected, the surprise, the hidden. Reaching through the known to the unknown is where the thrill lies! It’s waiting for me around the unexplored corner.

Then to lay layer onto layer with dry and wet, scratching again, removing, rubbing out even. It’s a revelation within this small space we occupy in a universe of possibilities.

I am leaving my mark, my legacy,for eternity, for anyone to observe if they will. Good bad or indifferent , it’s there. My life is enriched so much through this. My philosophy, my rule of thumb is that …..the more I explore, the better it becomes and the more I get from it.