Art In The Garden – Online Exhibition

Hi, This is my first blog of many. Keep an eye out for a post each month featuring my artistic process.

Today though I’d like to focus on a special even that you may be interested in coming up through September and October 2020. This is an online art exhibition, in the format of a slide show, which can be seen on my website and social media.

Originally this event was to take place in my garden but like so many events this year it had to go by the wayside because of Covid. Adaptability is the name of the game now.

This event is a slide show of original paintings available for sale and all of which are to be found on this website. All of them are semi abstract landscapes painted in the medium of watercolour.

Each painting is mounted in good quality conservation card. This selection of paintings were made in 2019 and 2020. I am inspired by the local landscape in the beautiful county of Derbyshire where I live.

All these semi-abstract paintings are painted locally and their colours and mark making is influenced by seasonal change.

In isolation, I’ve been able to focus almost exclusively on developing my art practice. Even though my plans for exhibitions and shows turned to dust there have been many positives coming through. Playing with paint has been a revelation to me and I’m excited by future prospects. My focus has been in developing my abstract artwork. You’ll see new work coming through on my website pretty soon.

Purchasing my Artwork

Follow the links to find out more details on sizes and prices if you’re interested.

Please email me for more information or if you want to buy.

Any painting can be posted on to you securely and safely. If you live near me then you could collect your purchase directly from my home.

Prints for Sale

You can buy prints of any paintings on my website up to 75 cm, depending on the size of the original. To purchase prints please contact me.

Prices for a range of sizes can be seen on my website.

Play of Light
Play of Light – Winter atmospherics over Derbyshire landscape