New Year, New semi-abstract approaches.

New semi-abstract alert! ‘When The Clouds Part’

To all my followers, lately I have been concentrating on mini-abstracts (between 15 and 20 cm squared) recently in my studio over Christmas and New Year while getting cosy from the wet and cold.

I am inspired by winter scenes, seasonal berries, water reflections in Poolsbrook Country Park and experimenting with different colour palettes and mark making. I enjoy this so much and am often inspired when walking or jogging which I try to do regularly around there! I am so excited to show you this. I have named the series ‘When the Clouds Part’ because of the sudden changes revealed to me when this happens; prominent shadows and reflections appear out of nowhere as if by magic.

Importantly, my approach has invariably been totally intuitive and abstract. However, as you can see, these mini abstracts have a stong semi-abstract emphasis rather than purely abstract. There is a real connection with the landscape in my mark making here. I’ve been reminiscing about my watercolours from 2018 onwards and how I enjoyed suggesting landscape through the use of translucent paint on the surface of water. Guess that re-living it using acrylic was a challenge for me.

I would love to know what you think. Leave a comment below. Your feedback is incredibly important to my process.

Poolsbrook Country Park
Vegetation Close-ups
In-flow Pools