Painting Intuitively and Having Confidence in your work

This week I looked at a large pile of paintings in the corner of my studio space waiting to be finished.

Here I found one that I thought had possibilities but I wasn’t happy with the purple colour I had used.

So I pinned it to my easel and selected a handful of Unison pastels, compressed charcoal and white acrylic paint from my trays. Then started to make marks anywhere I wanted.

Unison Pastels – add water to make a paint!

I didn’t use any thought process but kept making marks, swapping colours and adding water to turn the pastels into paint.

Its important to trust your own abilities to create artwork and reject any negative thoughts that might crop up along the way. Be confident your end product will be worthy of your efforts in the final analysis.

Bare in mind though that some days will be more successful than others. Practicing your skills , several days a week will help eliminate ‘ the off days’ and generally, you’ll make more consistent artwork.

Learning to correct paintings until you feel happy with them, whether it’s about colour combination, composition,, mark making, etc. is very helpful to build confidence within.

Is this something you can relate to or have you tried to paint intuitively? How do you feel after this COMMENT BELOW

My Easel