About Me.


Curriculum Vitae.

2000 – 2002 Chesterfield College Foundation Studies – Art and Design, Edexcel

Awarded – merit. June 2002

2003 – 2005 Sheffield Hallam University – Bachelor of Arts with Second Class Honours ( 1st Division) in Fine Art. 23rd June 2005.

2005 – awarded – The Dianne Wilcocks Lifelong Learning Prize. Nov.2005

2009 -2010 Diploma in Photography, Photography Inst.online, 16th March 2010

2008- 2011 part time , De Montfort University, Leicester, Master of Arts in Photography. 1st July, 2011. – under artists name – Lynne Greenstreet


2004 – Family Court Sheffield, Glass Etchings over Entrance.

( won at University )


2005 – Hallam University Degree Show, Sheffield, From Within

2005- Site Gallery, Spectral Electrical, Photograms

2006 – Sheffield Exhibition Room, Paradise Square.

From Within – Photograms

2011 – De Montfort University Degree Show, Leicester, Avian Signatures

2012 – Cupola Gallery, Avian Signatures,Photograms.

2019 – Church farm Gallery, Baslow, Derbyshire.

2019 – The Great Sheffield Art Show – 6 abstracts submitted

2020 – The Great Sheffield Art Show Online

2020- Dronfield Arts festival

What drives this desire to paint ?


I paint as a response to my senses. I see the hidden that needs to be revealed. I think that it’s my own sixth sense to make marks where there were none in evidence. It’s an undetachable connection to the natural world inside and out, within my mind’s eye or beyond to the atmospherics. A sensitivity to the untouchables of life, the less obvious. I thrill at the breath revealed on an icy cold day as it suddenly appears before me, also the reflections or shadows changing over time. I love the morning chorus at dawn, the splash on a lake with its mystery below and fog lifting from the trees.Then to scribe marks on paper with a stick and make them appear like magic.

Not knowing is so good. Letting it just happen is best. To bring out the unexpected, the surprise, the hidden. Reaching through the known to the unknown is where the thrill lies! It’s waiting for me around the next corner. Then to lay layer onto layer with dry and wet, scratching again, removing, rubbing out even. I’m leaving my mark, my legacy, for eternity, for anyone to observe it, if they will. Good, bad or indifferent, it’s there. My life is enriched so much through this. My philosophy is the more I explore, the better it becomes and the more joy I get from it.


Lynne Greenstreet

BA,MA,Teaching Cert.ED.


  • I recently purchased three beautiful watercolours from lynne which I chose from her website.  Summer Lake, Twisted and It’s Autumn. It is a pleasure to work with her and the paintings were well packed and arrived in good time to the USA. I also think they are very reasonably priced and continue to follow her website. Gillian
  • Lynne’s art is beautiful!I fell in love with her watercolors and bought one recently. I live in Seattle and was concerned with having it mailed to me. I need not have!. It was securely packed and arrived promptly. Price was fair and its beautiful. Glen